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Willamette Weapon Lures brings you the best custom painted lures in the West. We pride ourselves on creating and designing the next best thing to live bait...they are made to catch more, and bigger bass, giving you the competitive edge you deserve. 

Willamette Weapon Lures  - The unfair advantage.

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30 years of bass fishing experience

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a diverse and unique bass fishery that is incredible. When I moved here several years ago, I noticed that the forage base is very different than anything I'd ever fished before. I set out to find lures and colors best suited for what the bass key in on here. 


Many lure options to choose from

I have been painting my own lures since the late 90's. It's well known that every pattern I develop has been meticulously thought out, field tested, and perfected. I will continue to develop fish-catching  patterns in the years to come as I learn more about what makes these fish tick. 


Thank you for visiting my website.


I am so grateful to be able to share these patterns with you and watch you all become more successful anglers.

Tight lines!

Bryan Chapman

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